The Tour de World Challenge | North America

North America, the third largest continent and incredibly diverse in culture, is our destination for visiting one of California's most famous engineering feats and historical landmarks. On another extraordinary journey, take in and explore the magnificent vistas of one of the unique natural attractions and geological phenomena in Colorado.

The Tour de World

You no longer have to daydream about travelling the world and envisioning all the experiences you could have. Touring the world by bike on your trainer is now within your grasp, virtually on ROUVY! Break free and explore a few of the most popular and famous places across the six continents with us on a unique World Tour Challenge. Enjoy an epic adventure worldwide - the world is your oyster with ROUVY!

North America
North America
North America
North America

Golden Gate Bridge

Ride across one of the world's most beautiful, unique, iconic bridges and one of the Wonders of the Modern World. The Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering masterpiece that stands at the entrance to California's San Francisco Bay and is a symbol of American ingenuity, constructed during the era of the Great Depression. Today, it is a vital transportation link and a popular travel destination, and you, too, can cycle over this incredible structure on this short tour of the historic landmark.

Garden of the Gods

Take a ride through the Garden of the Gods, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado Springs in the US. The remarkable geological features of the park are the evident sedimentary rock formations seen as you cycle past. During your ride, consider how these ancient rocks formed as mountains that eroded and became buried in their sediments over millions of years, resulting in these slanted and precarious formations. Enjoy the spectacular views in this unique natural park.



The special virtual edition is awaiting you! Join the challenge and get the jersey with a special continental design.

Explore Famous Cycling Routes

Explore Famous Cycling Routes

This special event gives you the chance to ride across the world, exploring 6 continents in 6 weeks and offering the chance to win some fabulous prizes (as well as creating some great memories).


Ride and finish the selected routes in a "Time Trial" or Race.