The Tour de World Challenge | Asia

Asia is our next stop-off on our world tour journey. This continent has almost one-third of the world's total land area and is home to more than half of the earth's population, with 49 countries where the inhabitants speak 2,300 languages. On this unique trip, we will visit and do some sightseeing in beautiful and exotic Vietnam and Japan.

The Tour de World

You no longer have to daydream about travelling the world and envisioning all the experiences you could have. Touring the world by bike on your trainer is now within your grasp, virtually on ROUVY! Break free and explore a few of the most popular and famous places across the six continents with us on a unique World Tour Challenge. Enjoy an epic adventure worldwide - the world is your oyster with ROUVY!


Vietnam - Ha Long Bay

Hạ Long Bay, just off the northeast coast of Vietnam, is known for its serene and peaceful aquamarine waters and towering islands protruding from the water topped by lush indigenous rainforests. Ha Long Bay has a unique geological character, and these land formations create a spectacular seascape of limestone towers and a series of islands with various outcrops, caves, and coves. Because of their terrain, most islands are uninhabited and remain pristine.The bay has UNESCO World Heritage status.

Kochi Niyodo - River

Kochi is a unique and exotic cycling route with magnificent scenery in Japan. You will see mountains and gorges formed from erosion by the river over millions of years and bordered by lush forests, rice paddies and glittering waterfalls. Along with the sparkling and winding river, you will cross over the famous chinkabashi, or low-water bridges, that arch across the river. Enjoy the ride through this exotic and unique paradise.



The special virtual edition is awaiting you! Join the challenge and get the jersey with a special continental design.

Explore Famous Cycling Routes

Explore Famous Cycling Routes

This special event gives you the chance to ride across the world, exploring 6 continents in 6 weeks and offering the chance to win some fabulous prizes (as well as creating some great memories).


Ride and finish the selected routes in a "Time Trial" or Race.