Climb the Broad Peak

Climb the equivalent of the famous Eight-thousanders and Crown of the Himalayas! These are the world's highest and most notorious mountain ranges. How long will it take you to cycle this ascent indoors on ROUVY? Take on this challenge and test your indoor climbing strength on any climbing routes you choose as often as you wish until you reach your goal!

Climbing TIP:

Try to alternate standing and sitting in the saddle to give your climbing muscles a break from time to time. Spin a high cadence to prevent fatigue, and pace yourself carefully. Choose the gear ratios you are comfortable with, and prepare your pain cave with enough liquids and nutrition. The stunning landscapes and scenery revealed along the way make it well worth the effort!

Broad Peak

Broad Peak

The first monster mountain to climb will be Broad Peak at 8,051m - the 12th highest mountain on Earth, located in the Karakoram range of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and Xinjiang, China. Its summit is over 1.5 kilometres and is called "Broad Peak." It would take a mountaineer about 46 days to climb on an expedition. How many days will it take you to ride this amount of metres? Take on the challenge and conquer the savage Broad Peak!

Tasks & Rules

Climb at least 8051m on any routes until the end of September.